Before I take any major trip, I prefer to do what I call my ‘Full Clean’. The reason that I prefer it before a trip is that it doubles as an opportunity for me to ensure I have everything in the Airstream that is needed since there are times that the pantry gets pillaged when she is docked at the house.

Landry – I start with a full clean of all laundry that has to come out of it and linens.

Bathroom – Same as you would do in a house, everything gets sanitized and I take this opportunity to look through the toiletries and ensure I have everything I will need for the next journey and refill items that are running low.

Kitchen – Much the same as the Bathroom, but I include an oven and range clean with this one.

Fridge – When I can, I prefer to empty the refrigerator completely and let it defrost for 24-48 hours before starting it up and packing it for the trip.

Rugs – All my rugs are machine washable, so they all get washed prior to departure.

Floors – With the rugs in the laundry, I vacuum the floors and spot wash them. My floors are the woven marine fabric, so traditional mopping doesn’t work so well, but I’ve found that a swiffer will do the trick for a once-over clean.

Surfaces – All hard surfaces get a once over with Pledge or Lyson Purpose, but I tend to just use just soap and water on my aluminum walls.

The Exterior – This is the roughest part since it’s so weather dependent. I prefer to wash my rig before heading out, but if I am going somewhere that I can get it washed easier (if there is a wash bay nearby) then I jut bring what I need to wash it on-site.