Airstream Basic Departure Checklist

This seems to be a hot topic, so I thought I would share my departure checklist. Some of these things become second nature, but I still double-check myself.

Traveling with a Travel Buddy/Partner/Spouse/Etc.

My tips for those that travel with a partner is for each person to own their own area. For example, if Susie and Sam were getting ready to leave and Susie was going to be the first to drive, then I would recommend that Susie takes responsibility for all of the outdoor and tow vehicle departure prep.

Now here’s the checklist!


  • [INSIDE] Turn off Water Heaters
  • [INSIDE] Check Shower locks and other doors
  • [INSIDE] Take down everything from counters/movable things
  • [INSIDE] Check all windows
  • [INSIDE] Turn off Water Pump
  • [INSIDE] Take down Mirror


  • [OUTSIDE] Stabilizers Up
  • [OUTSIDE] Check Stove vent
  • [OUTSIDE] Check awning locks
  • — Hook up Tow Vehicle —
  • [OUTSIDE] Take out chocks
  • [OUTSIDE] Lock outside compartments

Tow Vehicle

Outside TV

  • [TowV] Put on Mirrors
  • [TowV] Hook up Brake Controller
  • [TowV] Hook up Brake Line
  • [TowV] Hook up Electric Line

Inside TV

  • [TowV] Check Mirrors
  • [TowV] Check Brake Controller
  • [TowV] Check Lights
  • [TowV] Put up Rear Cam Screen & TPMS
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